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    Software Download
    ezSystem V4.2.0 - EXE | 43.4 MB
    Including the latest version of ezCircuitDesigner and CoreChart
    USBP Data Logger - EXE | 152 KB
    The USBP Data Logger can measure up to five different voltages which can be displayed in a voltage versus time graph.

    Product Manual and Other Downloads

    Name Download
    CoreChart Introduction PowerPoint - PPT | 3.77 MB download
    Attracting Students Into ICT Programs - PDF | 125 KB download
    LEDfun Teacher Resource Booklet - PDF | 1.24 MB download
    LEDfun Student Manual - PDF | 1.24 MB download
    USB Port Module Manual - PDF | 912 KB download
    Circuit description and diagram - PDF | 195 KB download
    Kit construction instructions - PDF | 324 KB download
    Re-use of grey water show case project video - ZIP | 7.13 MB download
    USBP Data Logger User Guide Document - PDF | 352 KB download
    Multi-Purpose Module Pulser Booklet - PDF | 593 KB download
    Multi-Purpose Module Timer Booklet - PDF | 548 KB download
    Multi-Purpose Module Voltage Switch Booklet - PDF | 660 KB download
    FuelSmart Booklet - PDF | 248 KB download

    ezSystem Inventor Tool Kit Projects

    Beginners Projects
    Intermediate Projects
    LCD Projects
    Automotive Projects

    eLab6 Project Tutorials

    Project Name PDF Video
    Project 1: Alarm System PDF Video
    Project 2: Smart Street Light PDF Video
    Project 3: Fridge Alarm PDF Video
    Project 4: Washing Machine Control PDF Video
    Project 5: Smart Light Dimmer PDF Video