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    eLabtronics provides Industry Training to enhance the Employability of university students. The Problem Based Training integrates Science Technology Engineering Maths with Social Enterprise Learning. The international and local university interns use these experiences in job interviews to the satisfaction of employers, universities and parents!

    The eLabtronics Employability Training program is based on real life events and activities at major events such as the Royal Adelaide Show and International Engineering Conferences. The success stories have attracted international students to study in Australia.


    The eLabtronics invention, ezSystem, helps to make the programming of microchips simpler. ezSystem is complemented by its STEMSEL controller. Microchips form the brains of simple to complex digital electronics systems found in a wide range of industries e.g. automotive, telecommunications, biomedical, aviation, smart toys, power generation, defence, etc.

    Engineering / ICT Professors, students, Defence engineers use ezSystem to reduce the project time from weeks to hours. ezSystem is used to boost innovation productivity.

    Quote from Dr Madakbas, Chairman of Photek P/L, supplier of imaging systems to the NASA Hubble Space Telescope which discovered the edge of the Universe:

    "From my personal experience, ezSystem will underpin the development of a Macro-economic Technology Infra-structure for Innovations."

    Core competencies

    Practical Skills:
    Interns are exposed to practical industry experience suitable for career development.

    Interns will be able to demonstrate communication skills through real life projects.

    Business Skills:
    Interns are challenged in real life projects which involve business planning and negotiation processes to build their confidence.

    Networking Skills:
    Interns have the opportunity to network and interact with distinguished talents, government and business leaders in major events. Interns use these experiences in job interviews successfully.

    Past Interns

    Over the past ten years, eLabtronics has trained up to thirty students each year. Some of these interns were local students. Many others came from overseas and studied in Australia. Each student contributes approximately 40,000 dollars annually to Australian society. Most of our interns are now working in various positions in different Australian companies.

    One of our interns, Jacky, is an international student from Malaysia and he studied at Monash University. Jacky easily found a job in Melbourne with starting salary of 60,000 dollars a year after the unique internship at eLabtronics. He gained unparalleled business skills by networking with the Commissioner of Aboriginal Engagement, Royal Australian Air Force Squadron Leader Fernando Gonzales, a scientist who supplies space telescope cameras to NASA, a Chief Mind Unzipper, University Dean of Engineering, Government Ministers and Members of the South Australian Parliament. Jacky continues high level networking through eLabtronics employability training. He is using a short-cut to middle management.

    Watch the video to find out more about Jacky's success story.


    If you are interested in applying for eLabtronics internship, please forward your CV to the Technical Manager Miroslav Kostecki at the following email address.

    Address: 51 Byron Place, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
    Telephone: +61 8 8231 5966