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    What is ezSystem


    ezSystem Software
    FREE Version

    The aim of the ezSystem is to enable Creativity and Innovation at an early age in a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach.

    The software consists of two sections, the Design layer, which is called the ezCircuit Designer and the Programming layer, called the CoreChart. Instead of going through an immense amount of code that is meaningful only to those with engineering or high programming knowledge, all the programming is done graphically, so that even primary school students can program microchips and be way more creative in their projects.

    Our goal is to make sure that the software is "ez" enough for everyone to use. Surprisingly, this software is free to download on our website.

    Please note ezSystem requires Windows (XP and above).ezSystem works with our STEMSEL boards and allows users to program graphically making programming easy!

    Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10 users, Please Note:
    If you have trouble installing ezSystem due to the program needing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 please follow the following pdf Net Framework 3.5 help.

    How it works

    Developing products with ezSystem consists of three simple steps. The following picture depicts the three steps of a simplified Fridge Alarm. Other products developed in the past include an Intercooler System, Sun Tracking Solar Panel and a Modular Voltage Switch. Click on the picture below to expand.


    ezCircuit Designer

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    ezCircuit Designer (ezCD) is a graphical icon based program for the design of micro-controller based systems. Its icon based user interface allows users to quickly design simple to advanced circuits.

    ezCircuit Designer automatically generates and updates circuit schematics, pin settings, parts lists and test procedures, whilst formatted documentation structures are given to help with Specification, Management and Design Documentation.

    Each circuit comes with software drivers and a step-by-step test sequence program. The test sequence formats all the necessary connections and variables and is generated to help users start their micro-controller design.


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    CoreChart is an icon-based development tool for the programming of micro-controllers. By grouping machine text language into icon graphics, it simplifies and reduces the errors involved in what is otherwise a highly complex task, without compromising machine speed or efficiency.

    As a true assembler, CoreChart produces code that is smaller and faster than that produced by the compiled programming languages typically used in product development. Since its code can run on smaller less costly micro-controller chips, CoreChart enables the development of smaller and more cost effective applications.

    CoreChart has a user-friendly graphical interface. This enables shorter product development cycles which in turn lowers development costs and means that more original products can be produced. Furthermore, it makes micro-controller programming accessible to average users. New employees and enthusiasts can quickly learn CoreChart and create innovative electronics and ICT applications.

    Standard & Professional Editions

    There are three editions of ezSystem software: Free, Standard and Professional each with more functionality and support for a larger range of micro-controllers. Click on the links below to get more information about each.

    You can find a list of all the differences between the free, standard and professional editions in Compare page.