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    USB Data Logger

    Inventor Tool Kit


    The USBP Data Logger can measure up to five different voltages which can be displayed in a voltage versus time graph. Voltages from light, heat and other sensors is easily captured. The voltage data can then be exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing and graphical displays. It makes products easy to test. The software can also determine whether the voltage values across individual pins of Port A, B and C of the USB Programmer correspond to a digital high or low signals. It can even send a signal back to a pin to turn devices on or off!
    You can download the user guide and the software for FREE!

    USB Data Logger V1.0.1.5 User Guide Document
    download download


    • Takes in data from an USB port on Windows PC
    • Select from 0.1sec to 10min samples
    • Re-use your USB Programmer
    • Very Easy to Use
    • Very Low Cost


    AU$75.90 (USBP Data Logger Complete: Probes, Software and USBP Programmer)
    AU$31.90 (USBP Data Logger: Probes and Software only - NO USBP Programmer)