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    ezSystem Standard

    Like the free version, ezSystem Standard consists of two programs, the ezCircuit Designer, and CoreChart. This program requires .NET Framework V4.0 or higher in order to run. The sections below list the features of the Standard version of ezSystem:

    ezCircuit Designer    Slide Down || Slide Up


    Features / Specifications

    The Programmer circuit group allows in-circuit programming connectors to be added to the design. Users can also add their own circuits that can be re-used and distributed to other users by means of a graphical wizard.

    ezCircuit Designer has three major outputs: the documents, the hardware schematics and the test program for the micro-controller

    Formatted documentation structures are given to help with Specification, Management and Design Documentation. Pin Settings, Parts Lists and Test Procedures are automatically generated and updated. An overall project summary shows all the project files currently contained in the project folder.

    The final hardware diagrams can be exported to Proteus Lite schematics in a single step or graphical files of the circuit can be generated. Printing is flexible with check-boxes to print each section.

    Each of the circuits comes with software drivers that are formatted into micro-controller test programs for the user. Hence a single click export to the Assembler or CoreChart Graphical Assembler generates a step-by-step test sequence that formats all necessary connections and variables. The programmer can then concentrate on the algorithm needed for the product.

    Complete Data Sheets are available for each chip and ezCircuit Designer can suggest a chip based on the circuit blocks currently in the design. A graphical oscillator setting wizard allows easy clock settings for each chip.

    Three working example projects are provided to help the user become familiar with the system. The Help Section includes a description of all the available functions as well as the example projects.

    CoreChart    Slide Down || Slide Up


    Features / Specifications

    For a full range of chips you can upgrade CoreChart to CoreChart Professional. In combination with elabtronics' development hardware or other microcontroller programmers, CoreChart provides powerful functions and features that allow users to:

    • develop programs by simply adding relevant icons (each icon corresponds to an assembly instruction)
    • assemble the source files (.asm) from the icon instructions and program the chip in one go.

    One of the powerful features of CoreChart is the "Send to PIC" function under the Options menu. This function converts the CoreChart program into a source (.asm) file, assembles and compiles it into a hex file and then brings up the "IC-Prog" program loaded with the corresponding hex file ready to be programmed to the microcontroller.

    CoreChart runs under most of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7).

    Programmers Supported:

    The following programmers are supported by CoreChart:
    • JDM Programmer (Ludipipo)
    • Conquest programmer
    • TAFE Programmer
    • TAIT 'Classic' Programmer
    • Parallel TAIT programmer
    • Fun-card Programmer
    • SCHAER Programmer
    • ProPic II Programmer
    • STK200 Programmer
    • AN589 Programmer
    • WILLEPRO Programmer
    • Fluffy Programmer
    • DL2TM Programmer
    • El Cheapo Programmer
    • ER1400 Programmer
    • USB Programmer ( PICkit 1 Compatible )
    • PICkit 2 Programmer

    Microchip support

    Currently the software supports 10 PIC microcontrollers that can be selected from a table that has the full product selection data displayed. These chips include:

    • PIC16F84A
    • PIC16F628A
    • PIC16F819
    • PIC16F877
    • PIC16F877A
    • PIC12F629
    • PIC12F675
    • PIC16F882
    • PIC16F886
    • PIC16F887
    from Microchip Technology Inc. (USA).


    AU$253 (ezSystem Standard)