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    USB Programmer and Port Module

    USB Port Module


    The compact USB Programmer from eLabtronics can be used as a PIC chip programmer and a PC based controller. There are various USB projects that power torches, fans, etc. These projects make use of the 5V power on the USB but not the data transfer to the PC. The USB Programmer allows you to add USB ports to your project and also can program the PIC chips on your new micro-controller invention!


    • A USB PIC Programmer so that you can program PIC chips on your own PIC project PCB without removing them from the circuit (in circuit programming). The programmed PIC chip on your PCB can then communicate with the PC through the same connection.
    • Three re-programmable connectors (19 pins are usable). Most of the 19 pins can be used for Digital Input/Output signals. Some can be used as analogue (voltage level) inputs.
    • Powerful firmware for fully accessible read and write to chip registers on the USB PORT module.


    USB Port Module Manual pdf
    Circuit description and diagram pdf
    Kit construction instructions pdf



    (USB Programmer)
    (included in ezSystem Inventors Tool kit & eLab6 Inventors Tool kit)