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    eLab6 Inventors Tool Kit

    eLab6 Inventors Tool Kit


    • Revolutionary new system consists of three elements: ezSystem software, Hardware Boards and Programmer Boards.
    • Assumes a starting point of no electronics and/or programming knowledge
    • Programmable electronic modules and unique, easy to learn software
    • Very low cost

    What is inside the Tool kit

    Place your mouse over each item to see its photo.
    • 1x ezSystem software CD
    • 1x eLab6 re-usable micro controller board
    • 1x USB Programmer
    • 1x Buzzer
    • 3x LEDs (red, green, yellow)
    • 1x Push Button
    • 2x Light Sensors
    • 2x Temp sensors
    • 1x Potentiometers with knobs
    • 1x (3xAA) Battery holder (Batteries not included )
    • 1x USB cable


    AU$77.00 (eLab6 Inventors Tool Kit)