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    Whether you want to flash low voltage halogen lights in a shop window display, pulse a warning horn or buzzer, or operate a water pump for 15 seconds every hour, the Pulser can do it.

    The Pulser is based on the eLabtronics Multi-Purpose Module. It has a 15 amp output transistor, a fuse, the four wiring connections and two user-adjustable multi-turn pots. The Pulser is completely self-contained, with its own on-board high output transistor. Wiring the Pulser into place requires only four connections – power, ground, load and input trigger.

    The Pulser can work on any DC voltage from 10 – 40V, making it safe to use with battery or plugpack power. By adding just a few extra components, the Pulser can be automatically triggered at a certain temperature or light level.


    • Independent setting of frequency and duty cycle
    • Frequency adjustable from 10 times a second to once per hour
    • Duty cycle adjustable from 0 – 100 per cent
    • Can switch a maximum continuous current of 10 amps (up to 100 amps with external solid state relay)
    • Operates from 10 – 40V DC
    • Fuse and reverse polarity protected
    • Can be configured to automatically switch at certain temperature or light level


    For more detailed function description, step-by-step instruction for setup and test as well as example applications, please find the document below.

    eLabtronics Pulser Booklet