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    Voltage Switch

    voltage switch


    Want to trigger a device when a monitored voltage, temperature or light intensity reaches a certain value? The eLabtronics Voltage Switch is an incredibly easy way of doing it.

    The eLabtronics Voltage Switch is a brilliant device. It can be used to monitor the voltage output of existing sensors (accelerometers, pressure sensors, airflow sensors, etc) or by adding a few components, it can monitor temperature or light levels. You can automatically turn on cooling fans when it gets hot, operate a solar water heater pump, switch on lights when it gets dark, sound a low battery alarm, or even turn on a low fuel warning light in a car.


    • Independent setting of set-point and hysteresis
    • Monitors input voltage range of 0.1 – 50V
    • Sensing direction: selectable for rising or falling
    • Hysteresis adjustable from 1 – 100 per cent
    • Output can be user-set to be fully on, pulse twice, or continuously pulse
    • Operates from 10 – 40V DC
    • Fuse and reverse polarity protected
    • Can be configured to automatically switch at certain temperature or light level
    • Output power: up to 10 amps continuous with appropriate heatsink, up to 15 amps short pulsed with appropriate heatsink, up to 100 amps with appropriately heatsinked external solid state relay


    For more detailed function description, step-by-step instruction for setup and test as well as example applications, please find the document below.

    eLabtronics Voltage Switch Booklet