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    Circuit Pack 2

    pachage 2


    The components listed below can easily be connected to elab16m, programmed with ezSystem software and add more functionality to the projects with a very affordable price. You need to have the ezSystem Starter Toolkit in order to use this package.

    What is inside the kit ?

    • 1x Relay
    • 1x LCD
    • 1x Reset Button

    Example Project Tutorials

    Project Name PDF
    Project 1: Voltage Reader PDF
    Project 2: Alarm System PDF
    Project 3: Dial A Message PDF
    Project 4: Radiation Counter PDF
    Project 5: Reaction Test PDF
    Project 6: Clock PDF
    Project 7: LCD Bar Graph PDF
    Project 8: Vending Machine PDF
    Project 9: Max/Min PDF
    Project 10: Microwave PDF