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    LED Fun


    eLabtronics' LEDfun is designed for people new to electronics. It incorporates many practical ideas and provides an ideal basic starting point for first time electronic construction. It is an easy to use, fun, and interactive way of learning about electronics.

    The other feature of LEDfun is that it is easy to use. Special care has been taken to minimize the usual starting problems for first time constructors. A component Overlay Diagram is printed on the top surface, making component recognition and placement as easy as placing the component on the right shape. Soldering has been made easier through design, by incorporating large tinned solder pads.

    LEDfun is designed as an integrated product, and has clear, precise, and informative documentation. The documentation includes an introduction to electronics, and also step-by-step construction process for each of the different modes.

    LEDfun is a remarkably cost-effective and comprehensive electronic kit. The LEDfun kit is able to practically demonstrate and apply the basic elements of electronics, as well as some advanced concepts for further skill development. The advantage of the kit is that it allows the modes to be changed easily, so that there will be a mode to please everyone.

    The LEDfun kit is extremely well suited to schools and other education institutions or just teaching new staff how to solder. Special teaching documentation has been developed to help the teacher/lecturer cover the necessary class topics, class exercises and assessment materials are also offered free of charge.

    Modes Available:

    LEDfun incorporates the amazing feature of eight different operational modes. This versatility relies on the placement of resistors to determine the mode available. The kit also includes all of the necessary components required for each of the eight modes. Below is a list of the eight different modes

    Mode1 - Random LEDs

    After the button is pressed, the light will "chase" down six LEDs, and will slow down and stop randomly.

    Mode 2 - Variable Chaser

    After the button is pressed, and the length of time that it is held down for, will determine the speed and pattern of how the lights will "chase" down the six LED

    Mode 3 - Binary Timer

    A button press is used to set the time, represented in binary numbers by the LEDs. Once the button is released, the timer will begin to count down to zero. When the timer finishes counting down, it will sound the alarm.

    Mode 4 - Reaction Speed Tester

    The button needs to be pressed at the same time as the LED lights up. If the press is successful the LEDs will "climb" up the ladder. The game will continue until the press is too slow, which causes the game to start again.

    Mode 5 - Blinking Face

    The seven LED face will blink, smile, and speak randomly. The button press will cause the face to react randomly as well.

    Mode 6 - Doorbell

    The button press will cause music to play while the seven LED face will blink and smile.

    Mode 7 - Memory Tester

    Use the button to imitate the memory sequence using dots and dashes. The seven LED face will smile if correct, or frown if the sequence was wrong.

    Mode 8 - Authentic Pattern Dice

    Use the button press to randomly pick a number from 1 to 6, displayed the same way as a traditional dice.


    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
      • 70mm x 35mm
      • Tinned and Solder Masked
      • Component Overlay Diagram (on top)
    • Various Electronic Components
      • 7x Red LEDs
      • 1x 0.1uF Ceramic Capacitor
      • 1x IN4148 Diode
      • 5x 390W Resistor
      • 1x Piezo Buzzer
      • 1x Push Switch
      • 1x (3xAA) Battery holder ( Batteries not included)
      • 1x 8-pin IC Socket
      • 1x 8-pin IC Microcontroller


    LEDfun Teacher Resource Booklet pdf
    LEDfun Student Manual pdf