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    Intercooler Spray Controller

    Intercooler IntercoolerBox


    Developed in conjunction with high performance on-line magazine, the eLabtronics' intercooler spray controller can be used in all turbocharged cars, regardless of the fuel delivery system, to keep intercoolers at lower temperatures by controlling the action of a fine water spray directed at them.

    The eLabtronics system is the most sophisticated of its type in the world, measuring the temperature of both the outside air and the intercooler core to make intelligent judgements as to when to switch on the spray. Because it only operates when it is really needed, water consumption is reduced by up to 80 percent, with no reduction in cooling performance.


    The eLabtronics intercooler spray controller system can be interfaced with any 12V pump. It is supplied with the control module, temperature sensors, wiring looms and installation documentation.


    • Built and Tested (without box)
      • 1x module
      • 1x Wiring Terminal Strip
      • 2x Thermistors
      • Installation documentation with schematic
      Pump and spray nozzle are not included.
    • Built and Tested (with box)
      • 1x module mounted in an extruded, heavy-duty alloy box
      • 2x mounted thermistors with attached cable
      • Multi-pin plugs and wiring loom
      • Installation documentation with schematic
      Pump and spray nozzle are not included.


    AU$110.00 (Built and Tested without box)
    AU$198.00 (Built and Tested with Box)