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    The elabD50 incorporates the PIC16F877A microcontroller from Microchip Technology Inc. (USA). As it contains FLASH MEMORY, you do not have to take it off the board to use/apply the program. The board can be used to input/output signals, switches, LED's, transistor drives, relays, serial port data etc. Many configurations are possible.

    • Fast Program Run Time - Execute at 5,000,000 instructions per second
    • Flash Memory - Can be electrically programmed on-board over 1,000,000 times
    • Includes the 24LC256 chip with 32K bytes of data flash memory
    • 8 Kilobyte Instruction space - Can store 8192 instructions
    • Dual Processor
    • 50 Input/Output Digital Bits - Can be used in a variety of configurations
    • 12 Input/Output can also be set to Analog Input/Output voltage
    • 12 Driver Outputs
    • USB Port Interface - No need for an external programming power supply

    Microchip Parts

    • Built in Buzzer
    • Built in dual colour LED
    • Built in yellow LED indicator for USB
    • Built in push button/reset button
    • 2 Switch Selectable Operation Modes - Program and Run
    • Low Power Operation - Development Board runs on a nominal 5 Volts (Will accept an input voltage)