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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    The STEMSEL Foundation

    eLabtronics is a proud supporter of the STEMSEL Foundation. We make our offices available to the STEMSEL Foundation each Saturday to run their regular beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops. The STEMSEL Foundation teaches young children about micro-controllers, electronics and programming, encouraging more students to enter STEM careers.

    Mentoring Young Engineers

    All of our engineers are required to donate time each week to mentoring the interns who run the STEMSEL Foundation. This helps to build young engineers with the skills to communicate with and lead teams in their future careers.

    International Interns

    International students studying in South Australia often find that they are outmatched in interpersonal skills and thus cannot find jobs. eLabtronics provides students with the opportunity to learn by mentoring them at the STEMSEL Foundation and in eLabtronics development teams.

    eLabtronics firmly believes that South Australia's best chance at a strong vibrant economy is through the electronics Research and Development industry. However, not enough South Australians take up careers in engineering. In addition to our support for STEMSEL's teaching platform, this year eLabtronics helped the STEMSEL Foundation to organise talks with schools in China, encouraging more students to study in SA. The result was 20 more Chinese International students coming to study here in 2014. We believe that with the STEMSEL Foundation's support and more International Students in SA, we can use these young engineers to build a diverse and vibrant South Australian Silicon Valley.

    Royal Adelaide Show

    eLabtronics has long supported the Royal Adelaide Show and offers its kits and technology as prizes for entrants into several STEMSEL Foundation competitions each year. The RAS competitions have had considerable success in building support for the STEMSEL Foundation and increasing participation in the STEM economy.